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The Montessori Company with Montessori in Asia is the world’s largest platform with its chain of country-specific rich key-word domain brands to augur well integrative partnership in one eConsortium. It is a multidisciplinary consortium comprising of investors, business owners and professional service providers. They are uniquely grouped under a distinctive set of specialty domains for today’s global marketplaces. Uniquely a built Partner Ecosystem, the Consortium is now open for participation. Strategic Development Partnership is welcome

Value Proposition

Opportunities Abound. Ready learning platforms, business and marketplaces. We welcome investors and service providers / owners to connect with us. All participants / clienteles will be digitally connected to a knowledge hub with a value addon eConsortium Plan @ Qcircle to enhance their competencies and businesses worldwide. Over 50 country-specific montessori domains worldwide for strategic collaboration and partnership 



The Montessori Company with Montessori.Asia is the world’s largest Montessori based education development portal. It hosts over 50 country-specific montessori domains for one unified outreach.  Under the aegis of Montessori Asia Council (MAC), it extends its reach to 34 provinces / cities in China. MAC operates in conjunction with Montessorian World International.

Montessori. 100 years on. Montessorian World.  

Montessorian World was founded to propagate total education for the global community. We are committed to the continual research and development of wholesome children education and the significance on total development of a person. It serves as an unification hub for all montessorian and friends around the globe

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Accredited for Montessorian Awards and participation at its Fraternrity

Montessorian Education and Professional Development

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All participants will be registered as a Qualified Client User on enrolment and rewarded with an appropriate upgrade of a Montessorian eCommerce Plan on completion

Montessorian Education and Credentials

For Montessorians and Professionals

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For Job and Business Seekers

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  • Advance to be a Montessorian Professional or Business Service Provider or Host at your own pace and place.
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Becoming Montessorian

Becoming Montessorian ™ is structured with Learning Pathway and Development Opportunities for members
to advance themselves to become a Certified Montessorian Professional and a CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator ™

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Montessorian Professional

The Program is a structured as an extension to the tradition of Montessori Education and is a continual Montessorian and Professional Development Program..

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Certified Montessorian Educator

CMEd : Certified Montessorian Educator ™ is a Membership and Professional Credential from Montessorian World International. The credential is awarded on successful completion of CMEd program and its use is subject to subscription of an Affiliation Plan.

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Accredited for induction to Montessorian World Fraternity

Montessorian around the World

Montessorian World International hosts the world’s largest country-specific montessorian domains for education and fellowship. Join the fraternity.

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Participation at Montessorian Education Community

The Montessori Company together with Montessori Asia Council advance of Montessorian World Education and Fellowship.  Students or graduate Montessorians and Education Service Providers are welcome to be part of our growth plan for our Montessorian fraternity as a Certified Montessorian Professional or Educator. You can also be our Chapter, Education or Community Host for your country.  As a Member Partner you will be allocated a rich domain brand with ready business content for a value added delivery of your services. The Montessorian Plan allocates privileges and reward for your participation

Montessorian competency based internship and career development as well as business start-up.

  • Self directed development with mentoring aid.
  • Select a montessorian based location to develop your potential and beyond
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We welcome your participation in Montessorian Company and Montessori Asia Council. Together with MWI we can provide montessorian professional development and competency based internship and career building as well as business collaboration among ePartners.

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Montessori.Asia hosts the largest chain of country specific montessori branded domains in Asia for cooperative outreach in education and business development. It features Montessori based Schools with Montessorian World Education programs. Get job and business development opportunities online or in country you reside.

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