Be Strategic Global Ready
New marketplaces in Digital Economies

Accredited for Qcircle Consortium Financialm Plan Award

Together with Singland Strategic Global Media (SGM), Qcircle provides a variety of IT driven strategic management and business application tools for participants to re-position themselves to meet new challenges in the digital world. It offers a set of Solution and Gateway plans to lead businesses into new marketplaces and opportunities.

It is also a strategic development process for suitably qualified members to align their competencies and enterprise to the eConsortium @ Qcircle. Here, members can leverage on Qcircle’s internationally recognised knowledge domains and service channels to advance their own specialisation globally in one eConsortium Ecosystem for growth together. The SGM Applications are accredited for Strategic Global (SG) Ready Award and participation at Qcircle.

Digital Enterprises

Digital Value Creation

Choice of over 500 domain brands. Consult us for strategic digitalisation process.

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