Montesorian Children Program
Children come into the world with their own distinctive set of special skills, talents, abilities and personality.

“All children are born to achieve… All begin life with an unbridled enthusiasm for learning, and have brains with tremendous capacities for achievement…under the right circumstances, all will achieve…” “The goal of early childhood education should be to cultivate the child’s own natural desire to learn…”
Dr Maria Montessori 1870 -1952

In a Montessori environment, children get to choose their own activities, explore life on a level they can understand and progressing at their own pace. It stimulates the child’s interest and facilitates his understanding and learning capacities spontaneously

“Our challenge is to identify and recognize the unique qualities within each child, nurture and fully develop these creation treasures for life values in a holistic and stimulating environment… and for the child to self achieve”
Founder, Montessorian World International.

Montessorian World Education provides the environment to nurture the creation values in the upbringing of the child and into successful adulthood. Children who have been in such prepared environment usually have the advantage of early education in nurturing them the desire to explore & learn freely on their own. The child develops his/her mind of choice and character in the early growing stages for life.

“There is a part within a child that has always
been unknown, it’s like hidden treasure.”

Montessorian World’s learning environment provides the space for the child to be a self learner and achiever. The Creation Child is in self formation for the better.

Creation Child : Learner and Achiever ™ is a holistic education programme for children incorporating the Dr Montessori’s pedagogy of children development with the emphasis on the need to nurture the child to the fullest and prepare him/her to be a self learner and achiever for life.

The programme comprises of a series of guided children activities within a Montessorian World prepared environment.

Our Children. The Strength of Joy
Founder, Montessorian World International