BPII Certified Education Professional Program

BPII Certified Education Professional Program


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BPII Qcircle Certified Education Professional Award Program is for educators and education service providers to be inducted into BPII as Qcircle Certified Education Professional for service.

Conducted by Members Mentoring Plan.

For whom :
Fast-track practice based program for Qualified Members.

Opportunities :
Job participation at BPII and Qcircle as Certified Professional / Certified Education Professional.
Members privileges apply.

Delivery Mode :
12 hours of login Mentorship. Self contracted action plan for completion in 4 months.
Directed learning including participation at seminars and internship.

Assessment :
Professional Certification Assessment by submission of documented Professional Practice file

Award :
Professional Certification Award.

Membership Credential :
Qcircle Certified Education Professional

Business Privileges : Participation of Qcircle Affiliation Program on subscription to an Affiliation (Certified Members) Plan

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