SGM App- 4 Digital Value Chain Creation by knowledge domain
Co-identification with speciality brand

A digital franchise  project with choice business and markeplaces by domain brand. Value added :
» Get SG Ready Award (Franchise).
» Eligible for particiaption with Partners Consortium Financial Plan Reward.

Strategic Global Value Plan

SG Value Plan is an Application to enhance delivery of participants’ competencies,  products and services globally. The plan also provides pathway to align their business and professional services to the eConsotium for cross business and ecommence enabled exchanges

Delivery Mode

  • Completion of Aided Members Page with choice specialty sub domain.
  • Online development or local based participation or both

Addon Features

  • Business leverage with Qcircle eConsortium Ecosyatem.
  • Ready marketplaces with Qcircle’s  value added product and services
  • Brand affiliation with allocated choice sub-domain


  • Qcircle Strategic Global Ready Award ( Open Category)
  • Eligible for participation with Consortium Partners Financial Plan Rewards

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